Give me a quick kiss darling

Before you fly away

Drape your love around me

In tender rivulets of moonshine

Let me sink into sweet red fields

As the wind sighs its content

And I’ll wait

Through the sombre hours 

Past the ink-stained sky

For you to greet the morning

In all its brilliant sorrow.

 - H

I need to learn to love myself when I am unlovable. I need you to show me it is possible.

- H

im-baby-fingers-or-d-bat said: I sent both those anon questions and I'm shocked you've only been writing for a few years. You're very talented and all of your poems are so relatable I love it. To answer your question, no I do not write but I like to read and admire lol

Well thank you again - and I’m glad you came off anon.

Anonymous said: Loved this line "I will be the stars Crying across the sky as she wishes for anyone but me"

Thank you! Do you write?

Anonymous said: Your writing is amazing! How long have you been writing?

Thank you so much. That means the world to me, in all sincerity. 

I haven’t been writing very long, as it happens, really only a year or two. I’ve always loved to write, but it didn’t actually occur to me that I could do so outside of school until a couple of years ago. And thank you again, for your praise and your interest.