There is some wonderful, hazy thing

In the warm memories of summer

Some bright burst of happiness

That time nor tragedy may touch

Laughter as oblivious as blooms,

Whose cheerful beauty knows naught of impending decay,

But reaches with child’s fingers toward’s an unending sky.

 - H

I will be the earth beneath her toes

To soak in the rain flavoured by her sweet skin

I will be the fabric pressed against her strong frame

And dream for the wind to sing

That I might brush the whole of my being across her own

I will be the cool air surrounding her

To meet her breath in a cloud of sensation

I will be the morning

To kiss her into wakefulness with sunny greetings

I will be the night

To sail her into slumber with the lullaby of the darkness

I will be the stars

Crying across the sky as she wishes for anyone but me


Anonymous said: Whats your type? (Girl)

Well I wouldn’t say I really have one. I’m into both girls and guys, and I never know who might attract me. I just fall for whoever I fall for. I have the potential to love most anyone, which makes me lucky I suppose.

I want you to rage

Burn the laughter right out of them,

And lick the flames as they rise off their tongues

Wait until they’ve turned wood to ash

One last display of destruction

As is their way

Skin to blackened, cheshire smiles

Like bark, peeled from pale trees 

Like scabs, torn from shredded knees

Smear some soot on your face, my friend

Lay on that armor thick 

Leave no quivering lower lip, 


Rage softly

Rage loudly

Rage bruises, shame, and cloudy days

Rage proudly

Rage sadly

And please, rage gladly


Or sit

But so far as you can be burnt


- H

Just me and you

And the moon, sheathed in silvery blue

Just the tides of my body 

Drawn side to side 

With the swing of your hips

And the sweet light blown through your lips

Just me and you

And the stars so few

Just the dance of the wind

Over wisps of hair

Risen with the fall of the sun

For your touch, as you run and run and run

Just the lonely waves

Just the wail of dried riverbeds  

Just me without you

Just me and the moon

- H.